Coffee with Cupid’s: Amy Boulas

Amy Boulas joined Cupid’s Charity as our Executive Director in January, 2018. After college, she had a one-year stint in the corporate world before finding her calling and beginning a [...]

Amy Boulas joined Cupid’s Charity as our Executive Director in January, 2018. After college, she had a one-year stint in the corporate world before finding her calling and beginning a career in the nonprofit world. Her experience includes a variety of local and national roles focused on fundraising, volunteer management, and executive leadership and spans nearly 25 years.

Cupid’s: I know you’re pretty picky about your coffee. How do you take it?

Amy: Black. Unless it’s iced, then I like it with coconut milk.

C: How did you first hear about Cupid’s?

A: Actually, it was when a recruiter reached out to see if I might be interested in exploring the ED position. I was excited based on the organizational overview and job description but as I began my research, I was immediately drawn to the mission. How can you not be? As the process went on and I learned more and met more people, it was the commitment and passion of the volunteers and staff, coupled with the mission that sealed the deal.

C: You have a long resume full of non-profit experience! What’s different about how Cupid’s does charity?

Amy Boulas

A: It’s true, I’ve been doing this a long time. And Cupid’s is different, in really good ways. It’s more fun; we have a serious mission but we like to have a good time as we work and we want our volunteers and participants to have a good time too. Being a relatively young organization, we’re more innovative. We’re not set in our ways; there’s a real willingness to try new things and a desire to keep learning.

But what really sets Cupid’s apart is the incredible group of volunteer Race Directors that produce the events all across the country. They have jobs and busy lives and yet they take on this enormous responsibility. They are AMAZING! I’m blown away by the commitment. All organizations have volunteers but there’s just something really special about our Cupid’s volunteers.

C: How have you transitioned from being someone who is unaffected by NF to someone who now considers herself affected by NF?

A: My whole career has been with health-based organizations (MS, type 1 diabetes, arthritis) so in some ways it wasn’t a huge transition. I’ve spent so many years supporting people and families facing the myriad challenges of a chronic condition that this felt natural.

C: Since last year was your first Cupid’s Undie Run, what did you think?

Amy BoulasA: I attended two events and they were both great! I love the uniqueness; it’s not your traditional nonprofit event, which is a good thing. Seeing so many people, affected and unaffected coming together was inspiring. With that comes the challenge of ensuring we educate people about NF and our mission while they’re having a (really) good time. It’s a great opportunity and responsibility but an interesting balancing act.

C: What do you wish everyone knew about NF?

A: That it exists. I think it’s a little-known disorder, despite the fact that it affects so many people, and that’s a shame. That’s one of the things I love about Cupid’s, how our efforts help to increase awareness, most often with people who were previously unaware.

C: What do you want to see for Cupid’s Charity moving forward?

A: I want to see us create more opportunities for people to get involved and support our mission. I want to see our organization expand into new, untapped markets. I want us to be seen as an innovative, creative, cutting-edge organization that others look to emulate. But most of all, I want to see us close our doors because we helped #EndNF.

Don’t forget to register for our 10th year of Cupid’s Undie Run! REGISTER HERE!

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