Showing your support of our NF champions might take on a different look these days, but don’t let that stop you from sending your love.

For NF Awareness Month, send your virtual hug – in the form of a heartwarming message – to an NF champion to show them that we’re all in this fight to #EndNF together.


These days, social distancing requires that we show our support from afar. For NF Awareness Month, we wanted to honor and celebrate our brave and inspiring NF community by collecting and sharing “virtual hugs” in the form of heartwarming and encouraging messages sent through our online form.

Our “virtual hugs” will be shared with our community on this page and via social media. We hope you’ll join in this effort to show our NF champions the love!


Thanks to you, we’ve raised over $20 million for Neurofibromatosis research – but the fight continues until we find a cure! Whether you give $5, $15 or $50, every cent supports our community and helps accelerate the discovery of a cure.


“Thank you for inspiring us all with your bravery and courage. We love and support you!”
– Katie • Saratoga Springs, NY

“Your strength and bravery every day reminds us why we do what we do through the Cupid’s community! We are in this together #EndNF”
– Cassidy • Denver, CO

“NF Champions and their families are amazing. Their strength inspires us every day. We love you guys!”
– Anna • Boston, MA

“In the words of Winnie the Pooh, ‘You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know.'”
– Katherine • St. Petersburg, FL

“We may not be together right now but you are all in our hearts! Sending you hugs and love from Cupid’s HQ!”
– The Cupid’s Team • Denver, CO

“We love our NF Champions – near and far – and are sending lots of love your way this May!”
– Amy • Denver, CO

“Your strength, perseverance, and grace are so admirable. Together, we will #EndNF!”
– Sarah • Longmont, CO

“Dear NF champs – Your Cupid’s family continues to be in awe of you and your families. We’re going to keep fighting to #EndNF together for you and our future. Sending virtual hugs!”
– Jenna • Denver, CO

“Jack, you are such an inspiration to me and so many in this fight to find a cure for NF.”
– Pam • St. Louis, MO

“You are so strong, I know what you’re going through is hard and we are so very proud of you. Together we can #ENDNF together”
– Anonymous • Oregon

“We will get through this together!”
– Anonymous • Buffalo, NY

“Hugs for everyone out there!”
– Anonymous • San Antonio, TX

“You are a true NF hero! Sending love from one hero to another.”️
– Kristina • Chicago

“I love you David”
– Terri • New Hampshire

“Keep up the fight!!!”
– Courtney • West Middlesex, PA

“Your strength and positivity is an inspiration to us all every day!”
– Bianca B. • Denver, CO

“I’m an NF Champion just like YOU! You are Beautiful/Handsome, Brave, Strong, and a True Overcoming Champion.”️
– Anonymous • Benbrook, TX

“Jack you are a HERO! But so is your entire family! The Burke’s are an unbelievable team! So inspirational.”
– Sarah • Boston, MA

“I hope everyone is being safe!”
– Brandon • Tarrytown, NY

“Thank you for all your hard work!”
– Anonymous

“Thank you for all of you that have kept up the good fight for kids like my daughter living with NF everyday. The Undie Run is one of the highlights of our year and my family loves all of the creativity!!”️
– Patrick • New York

“You are strong and you are a survivor! I believe in you!”
– Mark • Baltimore, MD

– Stephanie • Baltimore, MD

“Sending love and support. #Jack #Tommy”
– Kim • Massachusetts

“Lins: I am so fortunate to know you and to be able to call you a friend. Thank you for your tenacity in raising money for NF research and to bring awareness to the disorder. Love, Sarah”️
– Sarah • Connecticut

“Miss you”
– Gary • Massachusetts

“You need a hug for being yourself.”
– John • Mesa, AZ

“Keep fighting! Keep dreaming!”
– Christina • Hagerstown, MD

“Happy NF Awareness month. We love you so much! Mom and Dad”
– Anonymous

“From one NF champion to another, you’ve got this!”
– Ainsley • Ohio

“Thank you for doing everything you have done for others! It is encouraging and has been so for a while. Thank you for the opportunity to do the same in some way. I hope to be more able to do more as my life progresses. Thank you for making your life one that helps others live.”
– Eric

“Thank you for this opportunity!!!!”
– Anonymous

“Keep on keepin’ on! Much love!!”
– Katrina

“I love you Landon! My NF hero!”
– Dad/Jimmy • Shrewsbury, MA

“I am so honored to be a part of the NF community to help raise awareness.”
– Jerry • Nampa, ID

“Thinking of you today and always and praying for a cure!”
– Katy • Ohio

“In a time that is trying, thank you for being an inspiration for showing us how to deal with adversity with grace and dignity.”
– Johnny • Boston, MA

“Hugs to our First Coast Wonder Woman, Michele Holbrook! She is unstoppable! Heart of pure gold thinking of all others before herself … all while she kicks NF in the teeth! Love you, Michele, our NE Florida angel!”
– Ken • Jacksonville, FL

“Together we are stronger and will fight til we find the cure(s)! Stay strong and keep smiling…you inspire us! Looking to 2021 Cupids Undies Run…Cure NF with Jack!”
– Beverly • Fairfield, VA

“Sandy you are my champion!”
– Mom • Oviedo, FL

“Kelsey Hanahan, you’re such an incredible fighter and one amazing person!!! I love you so very much and you can always count on me to be in corner cheering you one!!! #TEAMKELSEY #ENDNF #CHEMOSUCKS #FIGHTER”
– Courtney Barris • West Middlesex, PA

“You are incredible!”
– Mel • Cheyenne, WY

“Each and every single one of you WARRIORS are so incredibly inspiring and courageous!!! I pray each and every single day that a cure will be found to help with your battle!!! Stay healthy, stay strong, and ALWAYS KEEP YOUR POSITIVE VIBES GOING!!”
– Courtney Barris • West Middlesex, PA

“You inspire your mom and I and everyone you meet each and every day with your warm spirit and caring heart. You persevere when you face challenges. You are awesome. You are our Hero. You are our SON! Connor, we LOVE YOU!”
– Ken & Lori • Jacksonville, FL


Cupid’s Charity is made up of families, friends, and passionate do-gooders who are deeply affected by neurofibromatosis – but even more deeply invested in fighting to find a cure. Our NF Champions are true fighters and we’re proud to fight alongside them. Their courage inspires all of us at Cupid’s Charity.

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