Preferably Pantless with Ken Linkous from Jacksonville

So, Ken, tell us about how you got involved with Cupid’s. I kNow a Fighter! My son, our NF Champ, Connor, lives and thrives with neurofibromatosis type 1. Because this [...]

So, Ken, tell us about how you got involved with Cupid’s.

I kNow a Fighter! My son, our NF Champ, Connor, lives and thrives with neurofibromatosis type 1. Because this cause is near and dear to me, I’ve been at Cupid’s for 5 whole years!

What’s your go-to Cupid’s Undie Run outfit?

I’d have to say the “I’m With Cupid” tee, my striped Cupid’s socks, any red Cupid’s undies, a pair of red Asics, and my Cupid’s ball cap to tie the outfit together!

What makes Jacksonville so special? Do you have any city-specific Cupid’s traditions?

We have held our five Cupid’s Undie Runs in four different venues. In 2021 we finally held our event at the beach, running the sandy shore in all our Cupid’s glory—at the venue we’d hoped for in year 1! We finally found our true home in Jacksonville. Thanks, Lynch’s Irish Pub!

What are your future Jacksonville goals?

Hosting 300 Cupid’s Undie Run participants and raising more than $50K for a single event. I’m confident we’re going to get there sooner rather than later!

We definitely think those goals are achievable! Speaking of your run, give us the inside scoop on your JAX top teams?

For three years, Daniel Brien led the field as our Top Fundraiser! Our new Top Fundraiser, Stacey Morgan, has set his sights on blowing 2021’s numbers out of the water! Connor’s team, Deadpool & Unicorns, was unseated as Top Team this past year by Team GGB … and we LOVED the competition! Recruit, register, repeat! That’s the Jacksonville Cupid’s Undie Run motto for 2022!

That’s amazing, Ken! Of your five years with Cupid’s, what is the craziest or funniest experience you’ve had during your event?

Our second Cupid’s Undie Run took us to Amelia Island, north of Jacksonville. Unfortunately, our host venue bailed on us four weeks from event day, and we had to make do. As we ran the streets of this quaint beach town a group of mature women who were enjoying a scoop of local ice cream happened to ask me, as I was running past them, about our scantily-clad collection of do-gooders. I immediately halted, turned around, and proceeded to share our Cupid’s and Neurofibromatosis story. All of the above happened while sitting on the questioner’s lap … in my undies. 

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?

Spending two weeks with my beautiful bride, Lori, traveling through Europe: Italy, Switzerland, France, and England! So many sights, so much history, plenty of romance … AND the FOOD!

At Cupid’s, what is your go-to cocktail?

My go-to adult beverage is craft beer (’cause I’m a beer snob!) but, for cocktails, I’m here for anything with Tito’s!

Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m told I am not shy about streaking at Cupid’s University … or skinny dipping in large bodies of water. See! This is how rumors get started!

Thanks for giving us all the deets on JAX! Anything final words?

Just a few! In May 2021, I celebrated 33 years of marriage to my freaking awesome wife and best friend, Lori. She has put up with all the nonsense and shenanigans much longer than most folks. Finding a cure for neurofibromatosis (NF) is our passion! While I’m busy dropping my pants for charity, Lori volunteers as the coordinator for the Jacksonville “Shine a Light NF” Walk! You could say we’re all in!

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